Atlanta Physical Therapy Concierge Program

Do you ever feel like you’re just putting a bandaid on your pain?

Like you’re treating the symptoms but not getting to the root cause?

Do you feel like there’s so much health and wellness information out there that it’s hard to know what really works or really applies to you?

Do you ever wish you could reach your healthcare provider between visits? To make sure you’re headed in the right direction? Or to let them know things don’t seem to be going to plan?

We’ve been there too. It’s information overload out there, and it is easy to chase the quick fix to a problem. It’s easy to read a success story from someone else and hope that their solution will also be your solution.

But the reality is, your body is not their body! You are unique in your strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals.

At Thrive Physio, our individualized, preventative approach to your health needs peels back the layers to find the root cause of your issue, and provides you with preventative strategies to minimize acute pain over time.

Enter Thrive Physio’s Concierge Program.

We believe that you should have your physical therapist, the same way you have a primary care physician or your dentist.

Sounds logical, right? But what does this look like?

Every year you get a physical to check in on your body systems to make sure everything is in check. You review your vital signs, bloodwork, and your general mental and physical health.

But does your primary care doctor evaluate your strength, mobility, balance and functional movement patterns? Probably not!

Many people think that physical therapy is something you seek when you are in crisis mode from an injury. But, in an ideal world, that is actually not what PT is primarily designed for.

Rather than only going to a physical therapist when you have pain, why not have regular check ups to assess your body in a pain-free state?

Check ups are meant to make sure everything is functioning the way it should to prevent bigger issues from arising down the line. The same way we do this for our hearts, our lungs and our teeth … we can do this for our musculoskeletal system, too.

We most effectively partner with you when we take a proactive approach, thoroughly evaluating your individual needs, thoughtfully curating home programs for you, and re-evaluating the effectiveness of our plan throughout the year.

Our new Thrive Concierge program does exactly that for just $197/month. This new offering is designed for our most forward thinking, proactive clients who invest in their health and wellbeing for the long-term, not just as a response to a sudden new issue. Our concierge clients get in-depth care, customized for their needs and lives, in order to prevent injury and address pain promptly before it becomes “a thing” so you can move as well as you can for as long as you can.

What does the concierge program include?

Comprehensive Annual Wellness Physical

We will assess your posture, mobility, stability, functional movement patterns, balance and ergonomics with objective measures that can be repeated to assess change over time

Home, office, gym, or sport assessment

Sometimes you just wish we could see your desk set up…or wish we could watch your form on that piece of equipment…or wonder what the mechanics of your swing really look like. This one visit happens on your turf- wherever you need our eyes and attention to maximize your injury prevention efforts on a day to day basis.

Personalized Care Plans

Based on your wellness physical, home visit and 2 virtual check-ins over the year, we will create customized home programs for you to address your greatest needs. We will reassess and adjust these plans on a quarterly basis to ensure they are meeting you where you are in the process of reaching your goals.

Exclusive Access

Although we aim to respond promptly to all of our clients, in our concierge model we promise a response to your emails and texts within 24 hours. Our commitment doesn’t end with each session- we will provide ongoing support, guidance and follow ups to ensure you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Priority Scheduling
  • We know sometimes you need us and you need us now. We promise scheduling with Dr. Elizabeth or Dr. Nikki within 5 calendar days of requesting an appointment
  • 2 Emergency virtual consults per year (for you or a family member)- Many times, the trajectory of an acute issue can be significantly impacted by talking through what is going on, and the do’s and don’ts  of managing it. And sometimes timing isn’t great- you’re on vacation out of your normal routine, or you have a busy work schedule and you can’t make it into the clinic. These emergency consults are for these times- when you need to talk to us and make a plan sooner rather than later.
Discount on clinic visits

5% off all in-clinic visits

And the investment? Only $197/month!

By embarking on this journey, you will:

Optimize your ability to prevent injury…and therefore move better for longer

  • Proactively assess longevity markers and injury risk factors
  • Re-assess on a yearly basis to determine progress or changes needed to guide the year to come
  • Catch issues before they become pain points
  • Get to the root of long-standing nagging problem areas

    Gain an understanding of your personal strengths, weakness and risk factors for injury

    • You will be given a report with your individualized results compared to age matched or normative benchmarks (think movement lab work!)
    • You will have access to us between sessions to troubleshoot, ask questions, and gain further understanding of “the why” behind these findings

      Build resiliency in your movement- whether that be day to day functional tasks, athletic performance or with the goal of longevity

      • A mobile visit to you allows us to do an ergonomic assessment, go with you to your gym or attend a sports lesson so we get a real world sense of your daily challenges
      • Instead of “cutting out” activities, we’ll build programs to support the things you love to do
      • We’ll empower you with the knowledge of how you can approach movement with confidence

        Have a playbook to guide your personalized fitness experience

        • 10-minute morning mobility routine? We’ve got you. Injury prevention program leading up to a pickleball tournament? That’s us too. We’ll meet you where you are to provide the right program at the right time.
        • We’ll give you an understanding of other supportive habits to maximize your overall wellness – sleep, hydration, life stress, and more.

          FAQs About Our Physical Therapy Concierge Program

          What's included in the program?
          • Comprehensive annual wellness physical
          • Home, office, gym, or sport assessment
          • 2 virtual check-ins
          • Personalized care plans
          • Exclusive access via text and email
          • Priority scheduling
          • Discount on in-clinic visits
          Who is it for?
          • Anyone looking for the long term solution to their pain
          • If you have an “on again off again” chronic issue and you want to know the real why
          • If you feel out of control of your aging process, let us help you regain agency so you can live vibrantly and fully.
          • If you are an athlete wishing to stay injury-free despite heavy training demands, let us work in conjunction with your coaches and trainers to keep you in the game.
          • If you are feeling stuck in pain or stuck on a certain problem, let us help you get out of the cycle.
          • If you want to supplement an already awesome team of healthcare professionals with the lens of prevention, longevity and vitality, we’d love to join.
          Can I submit this to my insurance?
          No, the monthly fee for membership in the concierge program covers preventative and wellness services not typically covered by your insurance and is not reimbursable by insurance. 


          Your in-clinic visits are still eligible for reimbursement by your insurance company. This reimbursement or application toward your deductible is completely dependent on your individual insurance plan. You can continue to find superbills for these visits on the PTEverywhere website or app.
          Can I use my HSA/FSA card?
          Yes! We take both HSA and FSA as forms of payment for concierge services.

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